Setting the Origin is too slow

The origin should be selectable and movable with the grab/move tool. This is more intuitive and works much faster than selecting a point in the mesh, then moving the 3d cursor there and then moving the origin to the 3d cursor OR placing the 3D cursor manually and then moving the 3d cursor and then moving the origin to the 3d cursor. The 3d cursor need too many steps and is fiddly and imprecise. The origin already starts in the middle of the mesh or can be easily set to the middle of the mesh. Just imagine pressing a ui button or key combi and then just moving it to where it is needed. By making the origin selectable and movable it becomes much faster and more precise to set it to the wanted location. It should also have it’s own xyz coords like all objects in blender have. Setting the origin point is really important and often needs to be done for every object. Doing this in blender is very inefficient atm.


This has been suggested many times. As far as I know there is no aversion for doing this, all that needs to be added is a tool option for Move, Rotate and Scale tools to transform the origin only.

It’s just one of those things that hasn’t been done yet.

I would have agreed with you when I started using Blender and leaving Maya. But in reality you don’t have to move it very often.

On the same note, the origin placement need a move to active.
Also a way to copy the 3d cursor axis orientation (if needed) it would be nice to have.

But a faster way to move it, Why not.

it is hard to get 3D cursor to some position (not just for moving origin) like here.

I needed to extrude vertex to get there.
I’m not Maya fan but 3D cursor could have axis. For faster placement and creating new Orientations.

I understand your point but, to be precise like this, even if you have a moving gizmo, it would be pretty hard to be at this exact position without having to snap on anything. I just hope you guys don’t need to do this too often.

Maya is based on pivot (origin) position to be able to snap in object and edit mode. Blender isn’t. I need to use this often only with large scene with lots of different objects to be placed.
More important is easy creation of New Orientations. In Blender it’s difficult and not as easy as in Mayas workflow.

Sometimes I miss this fast editing on a pivot position and easy Axis modification. I remember doing a lot of freeze transform center pivot etc because it is never a the right place… I dunno. I don’t miss it that much. I am not looking for Maya anymore.

But yeah it was nice.(I am totally confused if It was that good or just an illusion of efficiency)

I don’t miss either :smiley:. Maya doesn’t have features (on its own).
The biggest downside of Blender (in comparison to Maya) is UV editing. Blender has no features there.

Depends. You can’t snap pivot in between two uneven meshes like Blender can. On the other hand you could enable snap by distance. (for example 41 degrees or length 15m).

If is someone from developers reading this. Should I put something like this to RCS?

I’d also really love an Edit Mode operation to set the origin to the active selection, as a shortcut for ShiftS > Cursor to Selected > Tab (edit exit mode) > right click (object context menu) > Set Origin > Origin to 3D Cursor > Tab (return to edit mode). I would argue that this operation, perhaps called Origin to Selected or Set Origin to Selected, is important enough to warrant its inclusion in the edit mode selection context menu.


No, it is really that good. :wink:

Yeah it was nice and simple.

Can make a custom operator, basically a macro for doing both things in order.




Also can use the sidebar 3dcursor tab and drag through the location as a sort of manipulator alternative for now

Just want to pint out this post:
And here it is in paid add-on BoxCutter

There are some more options here.

  1. The 3D cursor can be placed by coordinates in the 3D view "N’ panel:

  1. The cursor can be placed on a vertex, then you can add a value to this like this:

So just click in the 3D Cursor Location box, move to the end of what is there and type something like +1 or -2, etc then use this location to set the origin.

The ability to type “sums” into Transform boxes is universal in Blender in my experience. So if I want to set the location of an object to 1.4m away from where it is now, I can simply type +1.4 into any transform box, making sure what is in there is not highlighted. You can also type things like pi/2 into boxes and Blender will work out the maths for you.

Try this, type (27/pi)*sqrt(4.7) into any transform box and Blender makes the value this: 18.6321m. No need to do the maths yourself…

Having said all that, I agree that an option to set the origin in EDIT mode would be very useful!

Cheers, Clock.

this kinda do the job. From what I understand the author is willing to make it part of Blender so maybe get in touch.

there are a couple of addons. One unfinished yet is trying to do it more elegantly without creating some extra things in the outliner first.

The pivot in Maya is so flexible, only with some 3 modifier keys combinations you can move it, align, position, orient it etc.

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there are a lots more, be honest pls. How come Maya doesnt have features on it own ? If you mean there are plugins that were previously bought by Autodesk and integrated them into Maya (the last to my knowledge being MASH a powerful and very flexible fully capable motion graphics module, basically a Cinema 4d inside Maya ), than rather do their own development thats nothing to bother the end user. Now they are getting ready to integrate advanced automatic retopology and custom user guided automatic retopology (probaly from third party source like the guy that made Zremesher for Zbrush) and advanced booleans for both Max and Maya (there are some hidden nodes discovered by some users in Maya that show they are on to something). They will be kinda late to party but like most of the time Autodesk will have a robust integration of these functions.

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