Set Origin to 3D Cursor should set also the orientation of the center

Set Origin to 3D Cursor should set also the orientation of the center.

Right now you may have cursor orientation, but if you press “set origin” it does nothing but change the origin location, but it does not align origin orientaiton, something pretty important in different situations, I even did a script for this.

If we have cursor orientation we should be able to adjust the origin orientation of the objects with it too.



This is really super important. At the moment there is no way to orient the local axis at all.
Would you like to share your script? :slight_smile:

Yes of course, here you have a video that shows how it works:

And here you have the link to download it:


Is there a plan to address this issue by the devs? It seems like an oversight that the ‘Set 3D Cursor" > "Cursor To Selected’ function doesn’t adjust the rotation of the 3D cursor at all.

You can change how the orientation alignment in the settings for the active tool, but this doesn’t actually make a difference for the ‘Set 3D Cursor’ feature. I also tried to go in and change the orientation setting for all the entries in keymap that showed up after searching for ‘3D cursor’ but that didn’t make any difference either.

I hope to see a fix for this as it would make it easier to do hardsurface modelling where you could very quickly align the cursor to an edge and then use that orientation to slide elements up and down.
The alternative is to fiddle around with custom transformations, which comparatively is more cumbersome as it takes more clicks, the custom transforms don’t show up in the transform orientation pie menu and they quickly clutter up the transform orientation list.