Separate Objects in Object mode

Blender has the ability to Join objects in Object mode using either the Object>Join menu option or the Ctrl+J shortcut. But strangely, there is no menu option to Separate objects when you’re in Object mode. Granted, you can search for the command to “Separate” but it took me years to figure this out. And without that knowledge, I was having to go into Edit mode every time I wanted to split objects apart. Not only does this add unnecessary steps, on complicated models (e.g. something imported from Sketchup) it can take several minutes just to get into Edit mode.

Joining and Separating objects at the Object level is a fairly common practice. I’m suggesting that the Separate command to be added to the Object menu (and optionally giving it a keyboard shortcut) so users know they can Join and Separate without having to enter Edit mode.

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Needs to be added to the Object Menu in the Menubar and Right-Click context Menu. It works in Object mode though. F3 > Separate … You can add a Shortcut or add it to quick favorites.