Selection Modes in Edit Mode

Hey Blender, I’ve been using Blender for a while and I really like the CTRL + TAB hotkey for changing selection modes. I think it doesn’t make that much sense for one to be able to change from Edit Mode to sculpt mode when that is already possible in Object Mode. Am I the only one who really liked the CTRL + TAB option in Edit Mode? I’d like to hear what everyone thinks.


I also prefer ctrl + Tab to switch between vertex, edges and faces.

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I know how to change it manually, if it finally stays that way, it will be one of the first things I change.

I’m actually liking the new way now and have changed the shortcuts in 2.79 to mimic 2.80. I’ve noticed that my left hand hovers over the qwer keys these days instead of where they used to be - over the asdf keys. I would have thought this would have me looking down at my keyboard to hit z or x, but I’ve gotten used to hitting those keys quickly with no interruption in the flow. In the end, I don’t guess I care which one makes it into the default keymap, I’m sticking with 123 instead of CTRL+Tab.

but not an a notebook

That’s a good point. I guess if you have numpad emulation on, it doesn’t work well? Is that what you’re saying? I haven’t used blender on a laptop very much, but navigation with the top row of numbers seemed very counter-intuitive to me. Maybe it was the short amount of time I spent with it.

It seems like the new tilde key navigation pie would be a better choice for setting viewpoint when you don’t have a numpad because there’s no way to avoid having to take your eyes away from the screen to select higher numbers. Only 1234 are quick to get to.

There’s also the the ALT+MMB Drag for switching between front/back/sides now (this is impossible with a track pad, but so is just about anything other than basic web browsing and text editing).

for now i use tilde as the pie menu instead of ctrl+Tab which is cumbersome, combine that with 1,2,3 for component selection and u get a real fast switching.

I prefer ctrl + Tab as well. But I am going to give 1-2-3 a chance.