Selection in Texture Paint & Vertex Paint mode

I have a few questions about the Texture Paint & Vertex Paint mode.

I was looking into ways to bucket fill certain faces with different colors in texture painting, for my texture painting workflow. I noticed a few things that didn’t seem right, as inconsistent to other parts of blender.

  1. It seems the ‘Select Box’ option on the left side menu is placed second last in that menu. This is inconsistent with other parts of blender. I wonder if this is intentional?

  2. The select menu (see screenshot above) here in texture/vertex paint is lacking all the advanced selection types … like Select Similar, Select Random, etc. Is this also intentional? This is the most annoying part for me, when I have to tediously select faces on a complex mesh.

  3. There is a Face selection icon besides the ‘View’ and ‘Select’ menus … but it seems to be called ‘Paint Mask’ which is a bit confusing, given there is a seperate ‘Mask’ tool in the left side menu. Besides, as far as I understood it, it doesn’t actually ‘masks’ (which is hiding something), but selects or ‘Isolates’ faces (which seems to be right word to me). Perhaps I’m wrong?

  4. In vertext paint (see second screenshot) … while selecting vertices, it seems no borders are formed, like when in editing mode. Is this also intentional?

  1. Into a paint mode, it is not surprising to expect Brush tool as primary tool, always on top.
    It could be confusing to get used to activate it on top and weirdly, don’t retrieve it on top when Paint Mask is activated.
    But it looks like you are disturbed to not retrieve Select tool on top as in other modes.
    When something is optional, not enabled by default, it is less disturbing to add it below what is always present.
    I am not sure that is easy to objectively determine if there is a way better than the other.
    Probably, if complaints about that are frequent; it will be changed.
  1. Those select tools were build for Mesh Edit mode before ability to use Paint Mask in Texture Paint mode. Making them available into another mode requires work to make a selection of them and don’t allow edge select tools that would not be pertinent or select tools with shortcuts that would conflict with paint tools. So, that is not intentional but just a lack of time to do it.
    In Edit mode, you can create UV seams. Select Linked, in Texture Paint mode, should be bounded by those UVSeams. That is a way to make efficient selection on a complex mesh.
    Another way is to switch from Texture Paint mode to Edit mode in order to make a face selection ; and, then, to switch back to Texture Paint mode to use this selection for Paint Mask.
    Face Selection is preserved by during mode switches.

  2. It was called Face Mask in 2.79. But this particular tool is used only in Paint modes; changing its name helps developers to avoid confusion with masks under other contexts like vector masking for compositing.
    Under context of mesh faces, masking is specific to the idea to restrict painting to a certain area. “Hide” operator called by H shortcut is available in Texture Paint mode. “Hide” is used to make faces disappear from viewport. In outliner, “Isolate” is also a term used as a synonym of local view to make everything that is not selection disappear from viewport.
    Your description is not wrong but those words are already used.

  3. In Vertex Paint mode, Paint Mask, allows to paint only a corner of a face. It means several colors per vertex can be handled. That is ignored while using Vertex Selection. All corner of faces related to one Vertex are painted. That is intentional. Same color for the whole vertex. In other words, a vertex colored as a whole.
    You have to choose one mode or the other ; they can not be combined.

so is there a way to fill up whole object or not… im not being able to fill whole mesh that I want to paint in certain color atm.

This thread was about selecting part of mesh to fill only this part.
The opposite of what you are searching for.
And the question was asked because by default (if you don’t do something special) , Fill tool is supposed to fill the whole object.

If it does not work, that means that you did something. Are some faces hidden or deselected ?
You have to reveal them, select them all or disable Paint Mask.

Im wondering how to fill selected part in like one click in vertex paint… is it possible or not, coz Im not able to do so atm… coz I cant figure how to do it if its even possible in vertex paint

OK. In Vertex Paint mode, there is no Fill tool.
You have to pass by Paint menu > Set Vertex Colors or press Shift Key.
This operator fills the whole mesh with color used by active brush.

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YES! thank you very much :smile: I was looking for that :3 (set it as short cut and its fast … like if its fill)