Select total/partial option

Would be good to have the toggle option, when dragging a selection, to have it so you either have to select the whole object/s, or just make your selction touch the object/s.

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Yeah, I was also looking for such feature in blender. But rather than having some toggle in the UI, selection mode could be picked based on the direction you drag the mouse. For example: if you drag selection box left to right it selects only objects/sub-objects fully inside the box, if you drag right to left it selects anything that intersects the marquee. This way both modes would be instantly available, without having to toggle anything.

I was just in agreement with you and then I realised that the problem with that functionality is that, how often are we selecting stuff quickly and blindly? and how many times would we go, dammit, I’ve selected in the wrong direction!

So maybe the toggle would be best methinks.

My guess is not many. I’ve been using this method in 3dsmax and it’s very intuitive. Once you get used to it becomes part of your muscle memory and now I’m dragging left or right without ever thinking about it. Of course it would be best to have a way to personalize how it works somewhere in the preferences.