Select tool behaviour differs from workspaces

Just opened Blender.

Drag left click to box select the Light.
Hold shift + left click expecting to add camera to selection.
Instead camera replaces the selection.

This is in Layout workspace. I select UV editing and suddenly select tool behaves as expected. Hold shift + left click drag now adds to selection.
Is this intentional?

Thanks for an great update. Can’t wait to look into blender once again!

Works as it should here…

hmm… bizarre.
From what I can see our UI looks the same.

Try with the latest build.

It should be! Just downloaded it.
… restarted once again just and now and it’s gone… very sorry!

It’ll write it down as cosmic ray flipping a bit on my end

So this means it’s all good?

all good!

sorry for inconvenience , thought I’d caught a bug

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