Select nested Objects in Outliner

Hey uberblender Dev´s :slight_smile:
Like your Bot suggests me i start a new Topic wich i noticed a while around.

It would be awesome, if it were possible to select nested (e.g Child-objects within the parent) , with one click or command.
Like CTRL/SHIFT + left/right click in the outliner.

For explanation:
I select the Parent Parent Object(left-click) and select all nested Objects too(STRG/SHIFT left-click)

I also noticed, the new outliner
don’t show a represent view/feedback of the attached Child.

The “Parent Pipette” shows a strange behavior in my opinion. The Parent-object jumps near/er to the child-object or even at the exact same position.

Thanks in advance.

Sry for bad Englisch. :blush:

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  1. Agree this could be useful.

  2. They parent-child nesting shows if you disable collections in the filter menu. We will probably bring this back for collections too, but it’s a little complicated since children are not guaranteed to be in the same collection as their parent. Parenting in Blender is not really like nesting.

  3. Agree this could be improved, though there are some technical reasons why it works this way. For the child to stay in the same position its transform needs to be adjusted, which Ctrl+P in the viewport does, but editing the parent property only edits the property itself.


Thx for the respond. Especially 3. Is nice to know.

I really like the outcome and the results so far and still patient!

Well done!

Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:
This is a must.

  1. CTRL+Click the parent object in the outliner. This selects all child objects. Is this what you’re talking about?

#3. would be great. I’m not too bothered having to turn off collections to be able to visualize the hierarchy, but it would be nice to still see the hierarchy with collections visible. Maybe children that are in a separate collection could be grayed out but visible, or put the name in parenthesis. This would be nice.

  1. Yes that’s what i am talking about, not only for parent child scenarios.

E.g if you have a collection called “car” in there are all parts of your car, in my opinion it would be great, if I can select every part of it at once by clicking ctrl/shift+click or something like this.

like in every desktop enviroment, select a entity, go further to the position you like to select and press shift+click to select everything of your selection. (Multiselect)

But i am afraid of the fact, that collections are not really
equal to folders, so this behaviour could be a daydream.

Oh…this sounds somewhat like how groups behave in 3ds max and Autocad (and every desktop publishing/graphic design app I can think of) where you click one and all other objects in the group are selected with it. That would be great not only in the outliner but also in the 3d view - some modifier key you could hold when you click to select…or something like a lock icon by the collection name in the outliner that made nested selection work just by clicking on any object in the 3d view.

Affinity designer has an interesting way of working with groups where in the viewport, selecting works for the full group, but individual text blocks or curves can be selected from the outliner.

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