Select circle doesn't get the last "active" selected element

when you use select circle you can’t get the last selected element.
for exemple you can’t select vertices and use “merge at last”

If you are asking about Blender’s 2.8. I think it’s like a bug/limitation. It’s a better option the make last vertex active, because may action done by this. Currently not only circle select but all selection methods lacking this facility.
However currently we can select select & active vertex with shift+click with Only Select Tool

When you use the Select Circle with a large radius, you select multiple vertices in one click; which of the vertices will be the last? The same with the Select Box and Lasso.

And the same behavior was in 2.79 so there is no bug. Although, of course it is possible to determine the cases when only one vertex is selected and make it active one.

I think, it is so not difficult to implement last selected vertex to active functionality.
The active vertex could be done in this way e.g. when using box select, the very last vertex comes in the selection close to the mouse or say If you want to select 100 of vertices at a time then it’s a simple mathematical logic that you will start form one direction to other. same for any selection… It’s not possible to select all vertices at a same time (event it take minor time to select all vertices in a specific range).


thanks for the information.

Sure but you can use a smaller radius to do more accurate selection.
This is actualy a very efficient way of selecting element because you can select element with clic and extend selection if needed with “draging the mouse” (no need to switch tool, less clics).
This is the standard method of selection in modo for example.

making box select vertices which are planar (for example all at the same value for Z axis) doesnt make them acitve element, then move and snap to another element along Z axis is impossible ( it is offset )
need to deselect and select vertex again, two extra clicks needed. can this be fixed???

Here is my point of view:
When Box and Lasso tool is activated, you have an option to click on elements and last clicked become current active,
when Circle tool is activated you can’t, I agree when you have a large radius it can’t figure out where is last selected is, but when you have a small radius and you select/clicking one by one element why it not become current active?
In this case need to be exception, if you select with Circle more than one element, you will not got active element, if you select one element with Circle - you got this as current active.

For people why struggle with Blender after using Modo-like selection, look at this
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