Segmented Grease Pencil curves

I have been enjoying the new Grease Pencil for a couple of days now and just wanted to report back my experience. It is all amazing and even while I cannot draw well all the new functionality in Grease Pencil makes me see drawing as fun for the first time in my life. It is amazing in 3d.

However I noticed that the curves look very segmented while being drawn sometimes. It can be seen on a 4K screen a lot better than on HD and that happens for quicker strokes with mouse as well as with a Wacom tablet. Annotation strokes cannot even be improved with any settings, while Grease Pencil object strokes are absolutely fine after the stroke is finished with some settings adjusted, however it still looks wrong during the drawing. I have tried variations of settings like different amount of Input Samples and it does not seem to improve the situation while a stroke is being drawn. I realize this might improve performance, however the lack of options to adjust it seems concerning to me.


Is this something that is already being addressed or is planned to be addressed in the future?

It would be amazing if it was possible to see smooth curves while drawing as well.