Segmentation fault

I build blender myself everyday. I use wiki instructions on how to build blender on Ubuntu. I use the “make full” comand.
I’m facing “segmentation fault” crash on every files that I’m trying to open with the recent commits on master…
The last current commit is

It seems to be related only with meshes overlay. I have a file saved with overlays turned OFF. The file opens normally but when I turn overlays “ON” the blender closes and the message in the terminal is “Segmentation fault”… nothing more…
When I “HIDE” meshes in this file I can turn “ON” the overlays, I just see the RIGs, but when I “REVEAL” the meshes blender closes immediately.

Anyone having the same issue here? Or maybe there’s something wrong with my build environment…
Should I report as a bug?

Same problem here after recent commits.

It seems to be working now with recent commits.

Indeed, after this commit.