Sculpting: Support for Multiple Masks when using Mask Expand (SOLVED)

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask or request this, but I would love to see support for multiple masks when using the mask expand. Currently, you can only expand from one point and if you want to add a region from another point in the model, the operator resets the mask. Box or brush masking becomes rather difficult/tedious especially in cases of complex and uneven protrusions so having an option to expand from one region, hold shift ctrl A or something like that to add a new mask region to the stack would make it very convenient for sculpting. Here’s a small example I was currently working on where I’d love to be able to select individual tube regions from their end points using the mask expand. I’m sure the multiple masks feature can be helpful in other operators as well, but this was a personal use case that I came across and felt could be made better for all of us. Cheers :slight_smile:

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This is already supported. You just need to change the Invert, Smooth iterations and Keep previous mask properties of the sculpt.mask_expand operator in the keymap to get the behavior you like. For example, with this configuration:
you should be able to do this


hey thank you for the rather quick reply and I’m glad to see it’s already there. I guess from what I see now is this solution is not exposed in the UI very well, cuz needing to go search up the mask expand operator in the keymap was rather unintuitive and didn’t even cross my mind haha.
Could there be a more direct way to expose these options in the sculpting workspace itself without needing to go into preferences? I can imagine a few instances where I would want to switch between preserving previous mask and being able to reset it every time to save a few keystrokes.
Either way, thank you again, the mask invert option was also something I needed to switch and seeing all these options in one was a huge relief, just that better exposure in main UI would make this super convenient for everyone! :slight_smile: