Sculpting not possible on R5 2400g

Hello there guys! I’m trying to learn sculpting. I would love to use blender because there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. I have a Ryzen 5 2400g and 16gb of ram no GPU (it has integrated graphics). I can use Zbrush with no problem at all (although its user interface is unusable)…
I can get to 500k and then it will crash or it will be really slow. Is it just that blender is heavier than Zbrush ??? Or do i need to do something so it will work fine ???(e.g. setup the integrated graphics)

For these sort of questions you should go to one of the community forums. Or the #support channel at is a good one as well. As can be read in the blue box at the top, this forum is just for discussing blender development.