sculpt shortcuts

I’m using blender 2.8 beta and the default sculpt shortcuts is not comfortable to me, the pinch tool is P the snake tool is K and is far for my left hand to reach, I have to change all my shortcut to x, alt x, c, alt c to make them easier to reach, and I see a lot of people do that, also sometimes I can’t assign shortcut because it has be assigned by default. I think blender should definitely change the default sculpt shortcut like this. Hope they can accept my advice.

Agreed, Sculpt shortcuts are completely messed, They all have to be on one side of the keyboard, I suspect that who plotted those shortcuts doesn’t really sculpt anything and assigned the shortcuts purely based on the initials of or underline meaning of the brush name and didn’t care if they are easy to reach or not.

I would change a few shortcuts:

C - Clay
Shift + C - Clay Strips
G - Grab
Shift + G - Snake Hook
F - Flatten
E - Crease
Shift + E -pinch
S - stroke method (Smooth is Shift + Click)
B - Blob
Shift + B - Inflate