Sculpt mode radius and strength locks disappeared?

So I just got into Sculpt mode and noticed that the locks next to Radius and Strength disappeared in the properties panel. Locking radius in Constant Detail is how many of us sculpt all the time. Is there some other place to set the lock now? This was working a few days ago.

Is feature feature for locking size now the Radius Unit in the sculpt mode Options panel now? Seems like it might be.

I take it back. That doesn’t seem to do it. I think the locks disappearing is a bug.

If there’s a bug in the way Constant Detail works, it is unrelated to the lock buttons. You can create a bug report for it by explaining exactly steps to reproduce it, and also provide an example .blend file.

Report the bug on

With a bug or not, those functions are now too hidden and out of context imo, they really should be next to the sliders as it was before…

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