Sculpt Mode feedback

I need to find a way to work with vertex colors and dyntopo. Possible solutions are

  • To use dyntopo without dyntopo (ie: switch back to mesh edit mode and subdivide).

    . At least this is the most safe and bullet proof approach. Not exactly as handy and fast but really safe.

  • To use a pilot mesh that will bake vertex+texture colors back to the dyntopoed. The pilot mesh can be stretched or subdivided but not get it’s vertices destroyed.

  • A blender patch (or should I say monkey-patch) that will not destroy vertex colors, just interpolate any guessed color or just pick one preselected. I tested this right now and I found that only vertices that are dyntopoed loose their color, at least having a selection to say when you create a new vertex just pick this selected color / or just throw any random color.

If you have any ideas on this let me know. :slight_smile:

I would also much dislike a default arrow pointer during sculpting. But being able to choose from a few options, like a crosshair etc. would be welcome, as long as the option to have no pointer at all will remain.

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I have been sculpting for year’s and if i had a message to Pablo, I would say please find an other you.
Everything is on the right path.

fix the flow of sculpting


  • a brush where you can store a shape make variation and come back te erase some part you dont
    want to modify.

  • Right click basics brush option sould be customisable or have a lot more option to it. mabe an other shotcut and keep right click for something different.

  • you have enough brush variation and they are going well. Polish what you have

  • the pose brush
    / auto generated temporary bones are good - it is missing the possibility to edit every one of them
    after placement.
    / the possibility to draw ourslef temporaty bones instead of auto generated.
    / masking what is unriged with the pose tool.

  • Face sets / way to separate/duplicate/delete/bridge/ face sets.

  • is there a way to create a brush add 0.5 + sub 0.5 - ?

The grab shortcut sould be working like in edit mode. or create a specific multi tasking gizmo for sculpting.

I hope everything is understandable.


Why, there’s no hope? :slightly_frowning_face:

William is gone, and I don’t see anyone working on the UI/UX. The solution is there but there’s no dev to make it happen. But you can keep dreaming tho. LOL

Speaking of UI, I would very much welcome a balanced tool menu approach.


Sorry, but you don’t see anyone working on UI or UX? I’m not sure if you’re actually serious, but I don’t think it takes that much looking around to see this isn’t true. This doesn’t really fit the topic of the thread, but I don’t think this sort of nonconstructive conversation helps facilitate a proper dialog about these topics. – Look at all the activity here, there’s tons of work going into UI / UX in Blender right now – Sculpt brush UI design proposal – See the roadmap image here. Brush management work is planned


I’m talking about UI/UX of sculpt mode. There are some movement here and there in some other areas of blender yeah, but the basic stuff that is urgently needed in sculpt mode seems to not be high priority, therefore no one is working on it, or at least I can’t see it. Yes, there are stuff planned, but there are always plans.
The sculpt mode doesn’t need anything over engineered, just look at what the people are suggesting over and over again here. That’s all the sculpt mode needs right now. Nothing fancy.
The endless debates that happen in those tasks really is beyond me.

You can use a reference mesh for vertex painting and add a data transfer modifier to sculpt.

Currently, we have Layer brush that requires to save .blend file before setting persistent base.
And Multires Displacement Eraser brush that restores basemesh but only supports Catmull-Clark subdivisions.
Pablo also did a snapshot experiment.
So, the idea is already in the air.

Currently, we have a quick favorites menu. There was a GSOC project about custom menus and pie-menus.
But current right click popup in Paint/Sculpt mode is showing sliders.
And you are targeting a problem that has not been taken into account by easy customization in Blender.
Which is pop-up with only sliders or a mix of other stuff and sliders.
That is requiring to use python.

Currently, that is handled by face sets.
If you change Rotation Origins setting from Topology to Face Sets ; segments will take the length of corresponding face sets.

Currently, what you hide in Sculpt mode will stay hidden when switching into Edit mode.
That allows you to isolate a face set save it as a vertex group, and then, do whatever operation you want in edit mode.

That would be great to have such brush adding and substracting at same time.
But I would prefer a midlevel setting for brush texture.
And that probably requires 2 boundary planes offsets.

That is problem of history vs consistency.
In old versions, move tool in object/edit mode was named Grab. That is reason for G as shortcut for this tool.
When Grab brush was invented at same moment as Sculpt mode, same shortcut was used for brush that has same name and a similar effect.
But when Pablo introduced the move tool in Sculpt mode, he introduced the issue.
Sculpt mode keymap has to be rethought.

There is a Transform tool in sculpt mode that is a multitasking gizmo.
There is a gizmo per transform active tool (move,rotate,scale,transform).
And there is ability to always show gizmos whatever brush is used as active tool in Gizmo popover.

That is true that nobody is currently concretely working on it.
According to roadmap, that is supposed to start, in the middle of 2.91 development.
But current week is a bugsprint week.
Promise would be respected if something starts, next week.
We’ll see but that would not be surprising that devs will take a delay on their roadmap.
I would not be surprised if nothing happens before mid November.

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Side question: How do you display all the shortcuts of the different brushes in the T-Menu?
It doesn’t show them for me and I’d really like this.

This is not the toolbar. This is the popup that appears when you press shift + spacebar.
If you press shift + spacebar, you should see the same thing.


Oh. Oooh wow!

Okay - first of all: Thank you.

Second: THAT thing has to be made much more obvious. This is SO helpful. I always have space set to show my tols search box so I never saw that thing even once in the last nearly two years that I’ve been using Blender pretty much as my main 3D app. :flushed:
I also still think that these shortcuts should be shown in the T-Panel alike BUT this thing is much more important than the blender startup question of “what do you want to do with your space key” makes it out to be!

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I’ve set the tool menu pop-up to be the Spacebar menu via this option in the Preferences:

So you don’t have to press Shift as well.

⚓ T70412 Brushes Storage :eyes:

We shall see. :neutral_face:

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See? Like I said, over-engineered!

When space is set to tool search then Shift Space starts play mode and F3 also open the search box. So there isn’t even a default shortcut left to invoke the tools panel, is there?

I showed this to a colleague and his reaction was exaclty as mine:
“Hey - there are the shortcuts.” and then “They ALL have shortcuts??”
This really should be more obvious or reflected in the T-Panel, I think. :open_mouth:


While that “insert mesh” functionality part of the Trim tools is nice, I think the feature is kind of misplaced… I mean, no one will ever imagine that you can insert meshes to your sculpt using a Trim tool… It really should be an entirely separate “insert mesh” tool, IMHO:confused:


I have a suggestion for Boundary brush tool.
Currently it works only on “Real boundary” of the mesh
But in fact it would be useful (as an option, of course) to treat “FaceSets boundaries” as “Mesh boundary”

This will open up the whole new level of adding repetitive stuff inside the mesh too, not only on boundary edges. I mean one can easily add faseset to define area of operation and use Boundary Brush to alter zone edges in many creative ways



I have found a couple of bugs in the Vertex painting in Sculpt Mode, but since version 2.92 is experimental I comment on it here.

The first is that doing Rebuild Subdivisions in Multires loses the detail of SculptVertexColor.

The second is that when resetting the Smear brush the intensity cannot be decreased from Strength, although if you edit the Fallof you can force it to decrease.