(sculpt) brush texture mapping + size

There is only 1 option, that
keeps the texture size absolute (or relative to the object size) (texture => mapping => “3D”)

it works only from object-top, painting on the sides (of cube e.g.) ,
the texture becomes stretched (projected from top),

how to change the projection, so i can paint on the sides ??

is there any option, to project texture from view (or as cube-mapping) while keeping size constant,
(relative to object size / absolute ) ?

if not, this is a devel request ; -)

Thanks. Em.

That happens with a 2D image as brush texture.
By using texture nodes, you can use Rotate node to turn the texture projection around x or y axis.

But with a procedural texture as a brush texture, 3D mapping can really be exploited by such 3D texture without extra manipulation.

The easiest way to work with a 2D image as a brush texture is probably to use Stencil mapping.

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do you have any reference for such 3d mapping (node setup?) ?

not convinient:
the stencil changes projection size, if object is zoomed . difficult to keep same size (especially after re-open file)
also stencil is not really a brush ; -

thinking about it, this might be more clever:

  1. brush is projected from view , but size is calculated using size-value + object scale (keep size, if object scales) + zoom-value (keep size, if view zoomed)
  2. brush is projected using surface normal, using orthogonal projection (distance independant) + size value (zoom independent)
  3. brush is projected from a cube-mapping (tiled on a bounding-box cube), zoom independant

anything else ?

finally we shall be able to use alpha-brushes (2d grey 16 bit images)
(and keep / restore / use the same projection size, after file re-open and zoom independant)

the main issue is: the brush size is not adjusted, together with the view-zoom.

it is not possible to work consistently, because the brush size always changes, when zooming.

+1 this also applies to textures generally
would be nice to specify a “World Size” for any given texture, so that the surface area of a particular quad is used to say spread the texture over “1 square meter”, ignoring the UV.

Here is the set-up to change image projection plane using texture nodes.

You have to use a Texture Node editor that is different than a Shader Node editor or a Compositor.

About Stencil mapping, you can re-scale and re-locate projection plane, at any time, to make it match what you already created at a different zoom.

Most of people will probably stay at one pertinent distance of object, use a stencil mapping to create a mask. And then, zoom in, zoom out to sculpt.

But if what you want is 3D mapping, there is also the ability to do it outside of sculpt mode and simply use a displace modifier.

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thanks … but is that remarkable ugly cumbersome,
when creating 60 alpha brushes ?

did you ever work as an “artist”, who just wants to quickly import and use it ?

so I am not allowed to zoom and rotate, while editing.
(because that changes brush projection size) ? very funny.