Scripts shelf (its addon release now)

Blender is already pipeline friendly simply by having python support.
There’s one fairly big problem here tho.

Your options for running python code is to either:

-copy-paste it to console at scripting tab (which is ok for testing and prototyping)
-if you want it in a form of button or anything visual (that you gonna click on a lot) then you need to go through
process of registering ops … almost same as if you were building an addon, which is
way too complex and painful for simple scripts.

Most pipeline tools are usualy fairly simple scripts, sometimes just 30-50 lines of code,
that makes your life sooo much easier but current system makes that very unfriendly to use.

Now this can be lifted to way higher level by implementing simple shelf-like panel, where you can keep bunch of simple (or complex, w/e) python scripts in form of a simple button per script without having to register operators etc…
Those buttons could contain whole scripts OR simply import and calling main methods from scripts that already exists at:

One of these two should be added also (thats where shelf files would live):

So theres nothing specialy new here, just buttons that can execute python code as if you pasted it into script
editor and run it.

Can we have this ? :slight_smile:


I figured out that this is not that hard to implement so i decided to give it a try.
Heres first release of addon that does this, Shelfy:

Cheers !

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