Screw tool is missing in tool menu

Screw tool is missing in tool menu of Blender 2.8 and in mesh menu (edit mode). But it is still available in search menu (F3).

Is this purpose or bug?
Screenshot od Blender 2.79 attached

The Screw tool works in a very obscure way, that is quite strange. I think users are better off using the Screw modifier for these kinds of things.

I’m not sure if it could be turned into an active tool, without making changes to how it works? Perhaps it could though, and then respect the transform orientation and pivot point so it’s more consistent.

Yes, screw tool works strange. I agree.

But screw modifier does not full fill some of behaviours of screw tool.

See attached picture, please. 1st vertex (of open chain of screw shape) is shared with end vertex each spin.
Step of screw tool is defined by 1st and end vertex
Step of screw modifier is defined by independent value.