Screen Layout

It is fanctastic feature but the only sadly thing that prevent me to use them is that it changes the viewport. Most of time I configure the viewport to my currently need and I just want to have a different layout with other editor type. But I loose all the settings when switch to a different layout.
I know it can be useful in some circumstances but imo this should be configurable and we should have the ability to choose a different viewport or the same viewport (by default the same).
Am I the only one in this case ? Do you think we can have this done “easily” ?

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Here is the right click select proposal made by Massimiliano Puliero:
52 votes with status says open please make it happens!

Each workspace could have a separate value to decide which one needs to be linked or Unlinked:
If linked: the 3D view share the same orientation, shading, overlays, etc…
If unlinked the 3D views are independent


Please make it happens we can gain lot of comfort in the modeling process and it also increase the interest of using workspaces