Scene Presets Like in Photoshop

Sometimes i need different scene setups to start my work and its quite annoying to setup them manually or load from saved files in some folder. Would be nice to have some option to save blend files in some folder and see them in some convinient form when you load blender. I’ve made small sketch, how that thing could look, i think it’s nice small touch, not that hard to write and mb many peoples will find it usefull.

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You can already do that with the Ctrl-N dialog.
It’s not obvious at all but if you navigate your Blender directory:
There you can create a new folder with a startup.blend file inside (and other template files as needed).

The name of the folder is what the template startup file is called.

Ther might be an easier way to do this but I haven’t found it yet. And if it really is the only way then there should be a menu entry like “create new file template” in the main menu.

Either way - there you go. ^^