Rounded N panel

N panel in 2.8x looks too rectangular, unfriendly and outdated in terms of design. It has not changed since 2.79.

It was good to see editors and 3D viewport getting many joyful changes in 2.80 development, but it was not fully polished since 2.80 release could not be more delayed.

Better late than never, N panel needs to be rounded(just like the T toolbar) to match the design of 2.8x Blender. What do you think about it? It shouldn’t be too hard.


You mean a semi-transparent rectangle with rounded corners? Could work. Why not make a mock-up image in a image editor to better sell the idea though? The more effort you dedicate the more likely it is to get noticed.

It was proposed a lot of times. The sidebar needs some work to make easy to use.

  • to change the tab to be deactivated.
  • real transparent background for tabs
  • maybe move the tabs to a separate side

I don’t think that mockups are necessary, devs have seen easily 10-20 mockups from different people about the same questions. With rounded corners also.