Road to Siggraph 2022 - thoughts and initial planning

June 10th, 2022

At Siggraph 2022 Blender will have a booth, where a few artists will demo the latest features. I (Dalai) talked with Andy Goralczyk to understand which features would be needed for a compelling demo.

The focus of the hair project now is to merge the existing tools in master (as experimental), finish the missing bits to make hair officially available in master, and then focus on what is missing to allow an artist to do fur and hair for a few more scenarios (aka, the “Siggraph” tools).

  • Wrapped what is needed for master
    • Finish existing brushes - D15134
      • Density brush → Option to Add hair as well.
      • Density brush → Preview
      • Smooth Tools (remove Direction option)
      • Pinch → Unpinch (with ctrl)
    • Animation support - D14864.
    • Selection drawing - D15219 + D15308.
  • New Tool to Cut Hair.
    • Bonus: Support the brush line and curve options.
  • Smooth Distribution.
  • Smooth Length.
  • Smooth Selection.
  • Fill operator.
  • Using “node group” as tools.
  • Edit mesh mode for selection and basic transform.

This is a follow up on the previous planning we had. The Project Heist is already done with grooming.


I talked with Andy about the the smoothing tools. His idea is:

  • Have separate tools for different kinds of smooth (they can be sub-tools, nested together in the tool shelf).
  • Allow the tools to be accessed directly. (this allows users to set their individual settings).
  • To be explored: also access the tool when using “shift” when in a related mode (e.g., when in Density tool, shift will call the density smooth)
  • Or alternatively, to have shift to always call ONE specific smooth (the one we have at the moment).

I updated the post with the link to some of the patches.

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