Right shorcuts for right features and User interface feedback

Hi, aftter alpha release I tried this version to see how new Blender works or will work. And there are some things I want to point at.

First Interface:

1.ToolBar (Orange) - I dont think many people will use this bar after learning shortcuts (and there must be shortcut for all tools from this ToolBar)
2.3D Cursor (Red) There shouldn’t be difference between left click and 3D cursor button in ToolBar
3.Options for last Action (Purple ) - This window is big in viewport. I expected to be resize able but it isn’t
4. Icons in status bar (gray) - Icons should change when user changed shortcut. Right/Left click for example
5. Tabs (Green)- Fast closing tabs with middle mouse (just like in browsers). Scrolling can be done with mouse wheel

This window should disappear when mouse isn’t inside
I like this Interface, it just need some more work.
And remember. The less action user will make, the better software it is :wink:

Now shortcuts
This is more for discussion. I think it would help developers to know what shortcuts people use in their workflow (maybe you can write profession post your keymap as image). This would help to make greater keymap for most of us.
Ok, so I am game developer (only modeling) and i use:
Shading, snapping, set origin, switching from edit mode to vertex paint, texture paint and object mode, overlays shortcuts, Probably all Modeling tools: extrude, inset, looptools, atc, manipulator direction(ctrl+alt+space), merge, 3D cursor to 0,0,0, isolate object (its not the same as hide all except selected),
This is my keymap

Thank you for making Blender better

  1. toolbar sets the active tool (what is used on mouse left click) it doesn’t activate the tools directly. i probably won’t use it much myself in object mode or edit mode. it’ll be very useful in how it works with the new “active” tool on the left mouse button. though, i’ll likely set it to something i use a decent bit that has hotkey a bit out of easy reach.
    it can be resized to a small row of icons or hidden completely. if you hide it completely you can still access it with spacebar.

  2. because the toolbar set’s what is used on left click (with right-click select) having the 3d cursor in the toolbar is actually useful especially given the improvements added to the 3d cursor.

  3. it resizes itself based on the options it shows. it is big and i’d like to be able to toggle it quickly with f6 like we used to with 2.7. i’d also like the option to move it to a different corner or edge of 3d view. it is kind of big and in the way when i don’t need it.

  4. they do seem to change for me but only on certain active tools (check some of the ones in edit mode)

  5. that’d be nice. i think the idea is to only set up the workspaces you want though.

  6. i do think it’d be nice if it closed after a short delay of the mouse being outside of it.

Can’t we have selected toolbar feature on something like /alt + left click/ and this this on /left click/ to use it all the time? And forget default 3D Cursor?–>simply because this default 3D cursor is meaningless (no snapping, no movement with /left click and drag/ and its frustrating) compare to Cursor from ToolBar.