Return Pivot Point options to dropdown menu

Ive noticed that over the past builds and releases the Pivot Point options have changed location and looks a lot. In the early dev days of 2.80 there was this top bar with options. Many liked it, i personally did not since it was hard to read.

Now i see the options of Pivot Point went to the properties panel, which doesnt make sense. They seem to be there by themselves, not really clear what they do or what it is related to. I found the earlier method of bl2.80 and bl2.81 (build) much nicer, all together in the Pivot Point drop-down menu. Since the functionality is related to how items are translated, they could also perhaps go to Tool > Transform

I find the properties panel getting worse now then bl2.79. We need to click way more to get to settings, they are starting to scatter all over the place again. I thought tool is for an active tool


Open the tool settings bar and you’ll see an options button there.

Yes, still a terrible place for it. In fact someone suggested the perfect UI for this, but no one listened, unfortunately.


Thanks but i dont use that toolbar, i find horizontal menus confusing to work with because it clutters all to the side.

Look at that chaos! To many options and buttons on the corners

Because they wanted to have options apart from menu, its seems to be making one big mess again. The properties panel was sort of nice, but i feel its getting a chaotic mess once again

There’s too many threads and too many places for developer suggestions (not just this site, but rightclickselect and the bug tracker too), and too few ways of organizing them.

I’ve seen several great suggestions buried in threads with 20+ hearts and zero developer comment. It’s really unfortunate. :frowning:

And I agree. The “n” menu (or hidden tab menu or whatever the heck it’s called) is terrible for anyone new to Blender (and I don’t like it either), due to its poor visibility when not in use, space hogging when in use and terrible UI for showing/hiding it.

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They did clean it nice, but its evolved into a Tools panel with some properties left in. Yet that is starting to get quite chaotic now.