Replacing Shortcuts

Hey guys,
I think we’re hitting a major issue when it comes to shortcuts, a lot of the times you want to assign a shortcut to a function, sometimes not knowing if that key is assigned to something else, for instance i was trying to assign something to x, by right clicking change shortcut or assign and then hitting my key problem is i couldn’t, and i think you should be able to override shortcuts from there it should just tell you, are you sure you want to use this key for this shortcut instead whatever it is assigned to?

so in easy steps the proposal is:
if i assign a shortcut to a key that already has a function, ask whether to proceed or not.
if the key does not have a function, just assign it.

also we need to do something about the hotkeys panel, its really hard to use correctly, hard to find stuff or modify it :confused:

thank you guys!, keep up the amazing work.


I agree. There is currently no alert system implemented for hotkey conflicts.

Although things have changed for the better since the 2.80 release and apart from the hotkey conflicts, I honestly find it one of the most clear and concise system compared to any other software that I use. But there are still some changes I’d like to see.

  1. Implement a unified alert dialog that opens up during a hotkey conflict similar to the “Save changes before closing dialog” , whether it occurs in the Keymap preferences or in the context menu when using “Assign shortcut”.

  2. Bring User hotkeys to the top of the Keymap stack rather than push them down to the bottom and create a contrast/separation between user created and default system hotkeys. Highlight the User created hotkeys, give them an accent/background tint and make the default hotkey Inactive if it has been overridden.

  3. The “Restore” button is the bane of my existence. Touch it and poof goes every single change that you may have made to the Keymap without a single track of what occurred. Step 2 fixes many of my qualms with the current implementation through the use of clear visual representation. The restore button could also use an alert dialog stating that all the custom hotkeys will be removed and the default inactive hotkeys will be reinstated.

  4. Make it so we don’t have to type the keybinding when searching for existing hotkeys. Pressing the “Key-binding” option should replace the search panel with a “Press a key” panel.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


Personally i am hoping for a complete revamp/smart input editor too.
If you look at my custom keymap you wouldn’t believe it’s coming from Blender, it’s a complete mess and that’s because i am a left handed with unorthodox setup,my keyboard is on my right side so 99% of Blender’s shortcuts were remapped and probably causing conflicts and other parts not working properly.
So Yeah, i would take any small improvements that would make customization easier and consistent.


I love that you can easily customize hot keys straight from the user interface but I also have many issues with conflicting ones. Maya has a great system where you just can’t assign the same hot keys from a particular ´environment’, like viewport, uv editor etc. Also you have an interface showing you a keyboard and all the keys already taken are highlighted. It updates on pressing modifier keys (ctrl, alt, command). A similar system would be nice instead of a never ending list of possibilities.

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Following my previous comment:

On these images you can see how it’s setup in Maya. Here you can see the keys available with SHIF-ALT combinaton. The ones in blue are taken. On top left you have the hotkey set, if you want to load or save different sets of hotkeys. Under you can pick if you want to change hotkeys in menu item, editors (viewport, UV editor, hypershade etc) or custom scripts. You also have a search field where you can search by hotkey or functions. Also, on the right, you have a tab where you can create functions or edit existing ones.

An implementation of a silimar system you have to check for all addons too because they are a good source of conflicts too, most of them come with their own hotkeys already setup at installation.


Confusion when try to replace some key, I often time found it confusing when searching to replace a shortcut, because there are tons of results coming up, and after checking them in details I am still not able to tell the difference and which one is the one I really need to change.
like now I want to change the shortcut for Lasso selection under Edit mode, and here is a result;

I have no idea what are this four option’s difference, I meant I saw there is subtract and extend, but there are two for each of them, so what’s the difference between those two? anyone has an idea??