Repeat History can be a very powerfull tool

Hi all!

I recently started using the repeat history menu to repeat the actions I did previously, because I noticed that in some cases it is much faster to perform these small action loops than to repeat the whole operation of pressing a shortcut , create the operation of the tool, set the parameters that interest me … and assign it … it becomes evident that a simple “repeat” is faster …

So I decided to create a special shortcut for the “history menu”…

Continuing to use this tool in this way have matured in me the needs and emerged of the gaps that I would like to expose as a suggestion for a possible improvement of this tool:

the gaps:

  • Some operations are detailed, as you can see from the image, others are more confusing as for example “rotate”, I often do more rotations, or do a bevel of vertices instead of edge, and then to redo a bevel with other parameters and so on …
    it would be very useful if each tool had more information on the works … to better distinguish a set of operations from another one done previously.

  • After a certain number of operations the list reset , and this is not good, does not flow, but precisely returns to zero operations,
    It would be useful to always scroll and keep in memory the last 10-20 operations.

addition of improvement:

  • Sometimes I want to repeat an operation but I would like to make small changes before reassigning the operation …
    It would be interesting to have a small icon next to each repeating action listed that recalls the property panel of that specific tool, for example open the bevel panel of a listed action to modify some individual parameters of that operation, before reassigning that operation… and so on…

I think that with very little this tool would become very useful and powerful (as it is already partially)


Yes, Repeat History is quite powerful.

It’s unclear what you mean by this. It sounds like a bug, but given that I’m not sure what you mean, I don’t know.

yes, it could be a bug
I only noticed it happens, after the list reaches a certain number (I have not counted which one), it resets itself

I have verified, it seems that it does not happen anymore,
in the build of a few days ago it happened, probably the bug has been noticed and corrected by someone

no I’ve found out why it resets, it’s not when the list reaches a certain number, but when you press undo ctrl-z
it’s a different kind of bug, the list should never reset, otherwise it loses its usefulness

Please report it as a bug.


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