Remove the ''Remove from local view'' pop-up

When removing an object from local view pressing M you get a pop-up asking to confirm the operation.

Is already possible to remove the pop-up, or maybe it should not be there at all. Seems like a very specific operation and doing it by mistake would not be a problem since undo works with it.

M is not to remove the object from local view, you use H to hide the object and Alt + H to unhide.

M is to move the object between collections (kinda like layers or groups)

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what? when was this?

You have to press ‘’/’’ to go to local view.

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This shortcut only exists when you are “inside” the local view.

I downloaded the latest version and its still there, M is for move to collection.

See post above.

OOhh, got it, I never tested local view actually, thats why.

Now it’s “ALT + / (numpad)”