Remove doubles not working

I’m using 2.80 beta (April 26, 07:03:52 - 513b71c89ad0 build) and remove doubles always says “Removed 0 vertices” even when I deliberately create a double (using G,G and sliding a vertex into another.

Did you try changing the merge threshold

Haven’t but even when the points should be literally the same it isn’t picking them up when the merge distance is 0.0001m. I will try scaling up my model 1000 times and see what happens when I try this again. I think it might be some weird floating point behaviour or something.

That doesn’t work :(. It seems as if the Remove Doubles command doesn’t detect when the 2 points are identical.

Both vertices need to be selected for the operator to work.

If you truly have a bug, report it on the bug tracker.