Remove Doubles Custom Split Normals Data

We need to save our Custom Split Normal Data during removing double vertices. but remove doubles also merge normals. I don’t use 3ds max but I know max keep normals during weld vertices.


That’s true ,I had the same issue too,I think Blender must to fix that

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This is most interesting part in my job. modeling low poly objects.

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This seems like you should file a bug report on the matter.

(We work with imported CAD models which all have this, so I know we will run into it.)


This might give some direction. Let me know if that is your solution in 2.8.

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That is not the case. check this file

Here it is. Rather than using shade smooth use shade flat with average normal. It’s better and more accurate.

Thank you man. this is awesome Technic.:grinning:

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