Removal of "Only Render"

I can’t seem to find the “only render” option anywhere, it appears to have been replaced by the ability to disable overlays.

However this omits a very important previewing feature for anyone who uses (or especially animates) the render visibility property of objects. Is there a new way to have the viewport only display objects that will be visible when rendering, for accurate previews now? And if not, will this feature be returning?
(In 2.79, this is in the 3d view, N panel, ‘Display’ section, checkbox “Only Render”)

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Until I read your message I had not realized that it seems that a quick way of seeing “Only Render” elements in viewport as in 2.79 is not possible in 2.8, and it really could be useful to have it in 2.8.
Is it a lost feature? Or not having it has been something intentional?

I think it was just underestimated.

Early phase of development focused on View Layers, with the idea that a View Layer used as a look alike of Render would be created by user.
That is valuable on a big project like a movie but that may seem overly complicated to produce a picture.

Then, we focused on other problems like restoring hiding of layers but for collections, restoring local view, developing object types visibility.

“Renderable” could be used as another object type visibility filter.

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Any news on this by chance?

So 2.81 is out, and I can’t see anything in the patch notes and can’t find any new settings in blender for it

Is this still not addressed?

Does anyone seriously have a workflow for objects appearing and disappearing that allows previewing?

I usually just end up animating both the display and render properties… Which is obviously a bit cumbersome. I agree that a simpler method would be nice.

And while we’re at it, let’s add an animatable per-object alpha property :grin: It could essentially act like a simple transparent mix node at the end of the material, but not be tied to the material. It’s frustrating to always have to make lots of duplicate materials just for some simple fade animations…