Remotely control Blender in Windows

I really hope that you develop something to permit remote control of Blender for Windows from a remote PC. I tried with RDP, VNC, Tiger VNC, Team Viewer, NTR Support but with none of them I am able to remotely manage Blender.
Now I am to try NoMachine…

Any of those should be able to remotely control Blender exactly the same way they would control any other application. They emulate keyboard and mouse input, Blender has no way of knowing whether it is being used remotely or locally.

If you are trying to setup a render farm, use the Network Render addon or something like Flamenco

This is indeed mostly up to the operating system, graphics drivers and remote desktop software. Some support remote OpenGL applications well, some don’t or only with poor performance.

If you are using an NVIDIA card, only Quadro cards support hardware accelerated OpenGL over RDP, it’s not available for the Geforce cards. But maybe some other software than RDP can still do it, I’m not sure.

Hi Bretch,
I tried NoMachine and it’s good for remote manage Blender in Windows.
All others tools that i tried failed.
Hope that this info can help somebody.