Reminder: Prioritize high priority bug reports

Hello everyone,

Now when big projects for 4.2 are wrapped it is time to pay proper attention to the high-priority reports. We have very high number of them for quite long time. This is quite unideal situation.

Please check high-priority reports in your module. If the cause of the regression (commit) is identified, feel empowered to reach out to the author, seeking the most efficient way of handling the report (maybe it is something faster for the author of the commit to address, or, maybe, a closer look from the module is needed). If the report is about some corner case, or some non-trivial situation which didn’t change in the long time, you can lower the priority of the report.

If you happened to not have any high-priority reports you’re welcome to reach out to the module which needs help. Also, everyone is welcome to join this bug-squishing, is not limited to developers officially assigned to modules.

I do hope we can go back to situation when we steadily do not exceed 10 reports. And, maybe, even lower than that in the future.

Happy bug hunting!