Remesh Voxel Size 0.0001 Crash

Remesh in sculpting crashes every time i use the remesher in Shift+R/Ctrl+R and i miss a click to apply the voxel size. so it think i meant 0.0001 and its so sad to see my progress go :((((( is there a way around that?

Im sure im not the only one!


Submitting this as a bug report will bring the issue to the attention of the developers.

If you make use of the ‘Help’ menu ➔ ‘Report a bug’ option from Blender, the necessary system info and Blender version will be automatically entered for you. Alternatively, you can go to this page and manually enter your info.


Thanks for the fast replay.
I did a while ago but it was closed as it isnt a bug. its a UI Problem.
It was closed and i didnt hear from you guys since.

OK. I actually thought the minimum voxel size had been adjusted recently, to avoid too much detail. Are you using the latest version? Maybe it has been fixed since the 2.93 alpha builds started, so you could try the latest alpha build.

I wish there was a Voxel Cap size so you wont overdo it and wait long time or crashs… Thank you. ill try the new alpha 2.93

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Thanks, this was what I had in mind. I thought it was already fixed.

This problem is common if the Scale is not applied, because you can have a BIG object with a 0.001 scale, and that will generate a massive amount of voxels no matter what you define.

IMHO the minimum voxel size should not be capped, but the default value should be very low quality, big voxel size, and should warn if an object does not have the scale applied :slight_smile:

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Yes. The default Voxel mode of the Remesh modifier already has that.

Maybe there could be a check in Sculpt Mode, calculating what the polygon count will be when remeshing with the current object scale, then issue a warning.