Reflection & Light catcher in Cycles? A crucial problem fot VFX

Hallo everybody,
Cycles does not yet have a “Reflection & Light catcher” tool (or Pass) that would allow the software to really reach the top by bridging the last gaps with other software and render engines, especially in the field of VFX.
So I wonder why there is no desire to solve this crucial problem, instead of developing new tools and features that are not really useful and perpetually in competition with the Addons that private developers continue to churn out every day …
In other words - now that Blender has truly become an absolutely competitive 3D software, starting from version 2.8 - I think now the time has come to fill the real gaps with other 3D software.
In recent years we have seen the growth of GPU render engines and real time renderings, so I believe that it is above all in this field that we must fix the gaps with competing software.
Mine is not a controversy, of course, but I would simply like to understand what are the priorities of the development team?
Thank you for a reply!

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The plans and priorities of the development team can be found here:

We don’t have answers for when feature X or Y will be worked on beyond that, roadmaps are not set in stone very far in advance.