Refined snap dialog & functionality

So there was some confusion (mostly from me) in the paper cuts thread about what the “target” in the current snapping menu actually refers to.

To clear this up, and to make the menu behave more “natural”, I quickly mocked the following up:


Now, it has some impossible/redundant options (it was done super quick), but also some new functionality that I miss from (gasp) Max. It’s perhaps also missing a “tangent” option…

What do you blenderers think? Anyone want to riff on this design? :slight_smile:


I love this idea.

As a new(ish) user of Blender (As of 2.80) I spent hours yesterday searching through various forums attempting to understand why snapping wasn’t snapping the way I expected it to based experience with other 3D application, and the use of the word “Target”. I was so confused. And then when I found the answer, I was so frustrated. Mind blown in a bad way.

I’ll adapt, though I rather embrace this proposed refined snap dialog & functionality.

I’m not sure what it does but would like more snapping options sure. Could you explain what it does?

I am just guessing, but it looks like a way to select a mesh or some of its components, set this popover to from-median & to-origin, and then select a target mesh. Then hit ok or whatever and it moves stuff automatically.

The median of one thing is now at the origin of another thing, or two medians are in the same spot etc. Like the origin to cursor operation?

Any improvement to understand belnder snapping system are welcome.

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Ouch. There’s a saying, “if you have to explain the joke, it’s probably not a very good joke” and the same can be said for UIs. :slight_smile:

There really shouldn’t be a difference to how Blender currently works, but I’ve added mainly two things:

  • The ability to snap to the center of edges & faces.
  • The ability to snap from something other than the closest of whatever you selected.

By writing this, I now realize that it’s probably impossible with the above mock-up to snap an edge perpendicular to the center of another edge… it’s easter holiday’s right now where I’m at, so perhaps I’ll spend some time to think about a better solution.

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Snapping to edge or face center is a nice feature. How you doing it?

I suggest to change the label of the “Snap Element menu” by changing “Target” to “From” and “Center” to “Pivot”. It would be very clear.