Rebrand as Blender 3.0 or Blender 2018

The dev team is really, really doing very incredible work on the latest upgrade to Blender. The changes that have already been made are absolutely stunning, and in my humble opinion long overdue, The UI changes, the menu tweaks, the changes in shortcuts, the new wireframe mode, the dropping of BGE, the implementation of EEVEE, and all of the other mods have really elevated the look and feel of Blender to world-class excellence!

Many of these changes, just by themselves, already constitute major upgrades in their own merit. And when you consider all of them together, it is more like getting a totally new software package.

The problem I have is that we are really selling Blender short by labeling this as 2.8. As a programmer myself, I know that the current state of the project is NOWHERE near being on the level of a dot-release. And to continue labeling it as a dot-release is a crying shame!

There is an incredible momentum building right now, and we have a unique opportunity to make a huge splash on the international stage. And I honestly think that rebranding it as

Blender 3.0

…could solidify 2018 as the year that Blender made all the other companies take notice and tremble with fear!

So please, please consider making this change. I know that it will be a very good move!

Disclaimer: I fully expect this suggestion to not be implemented, given that this project is so near being finalized, but I want to put it out there for discussion.

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Why not Blender 2018 ^^

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Ah yes, that will work very well, too! In fact, I like this better than 3.0.

In any case, we need to ditch the 2.8 moniker! :grinning:

blender {Release Year} R{Release Month} and a LTS model please. Those who want to use the bleeding edge feature-set can roll along with the buildbot rolling release. :innocent:


…or Blender Pro ^^

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Blender 2018 rev 1 or update 1 etc

blender 2.8 is fine by me

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Blender 2.8 is ok, no one should care about name also it might mess with the versioning system.

Re-branding suggestions are not feedback on code-quest development - therefor off topic.