Really Really Really liked the Lock Camera Icon

Why did y’all remove the camera lock icon? That thing was freaking awesome and I have been using it like crazy the last couple of weeks.

Last week’s Blender Today highlighted a good use for it while watching @pablovazquez fumble around for two minutes looking for the check box to perform the same task, which by the way isn’t worded in an obvious way, and why that should stay right under the icon.

Without any visual cues SOOOOOOOOO many people complain that they lock the camera to view, get it situated and then immediately mess up the position because they forgot it was still on.

As someone who does multiple camera angles I really liked that new feature for speed of use, and for the safety of a visual cue.


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Hope we get it back in 3.0


a lot of people disable those side buttons and in that case it’s not usable… I still prefer the idea of a button in a camera dropdown menu in the header or a button next to the frame when in camera view :grin:


Just wanting to give a possible compromise for the implemented then removed camera lock on the viewport. As I mentioned before on the developer blog, a long-press to engage the lock with the camera icon turning red to visually show the camera is locked seems like a very low impact change to the viewport. Long-press seems to be possible in Blender since several icons in the “T” panel allow for this.

Thanks for the consideration. After experiencing a camera lock ability on the viewport it’s now hard to visualize not having it. :slight_smile: