Real-time Motion paths

Based on this tweet:

Are there plans for making real-time and adjustable motion paths?

try the latest build, i think the motion path is editable in the view-port.

I just tested it and it’s still the same as 2.79 Changing the keyframes will not update the path automatically and there is no way to edit it in the viewport.

isn’t this what you want?, it seems working the only thing missing is when using graph/dope/timeline…etc keys which u need to hit the update button.

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Oh, I see. So only when u have Autokeying enabled u will get it real-time. That’s definitely very cool. Still, I wonder why its only real-time with autokey.

Anyways thanks for answering me.

What I would want is to be able to adjust the curve itself, not the object. That way it would be much easier to get the arcs an movement flows.