Radeon RX6800 XT should be supported but not recognized by Blender 3.5 in both Ubuntu and Windows

I own a Radeon RX 6800XT with a RDNA architecture. From both Blender and AMD website it should be enough to enable the Cycles renderer in Blender 3.5.

I try to write here after a hint from my question on blender.stackexchange.com.

There you can find all the details, but in summary: neither Ubuntu 22.10 nor Windows 11 Pro can detect my GPU for Cycles even it should be supported. I tried the default drivers and the AMD official ones.

I kindly ask if there are known issues about this graphic card or if there’s something wrong in my setup.
Both OSs are fresh installs.

Update: after reinstalling from scratch the drivers in Windows, now Blender enables Cycles through HIP.
So I’m sure the graphic card is enough for Cycles.

The problem is still present on Linux side. What is the exact driver I need to install?

Ok, I found the trick. Not sure why, but I had to issue amdgpu-install -y at the end. This enabled Blender to find my GPU.