Question about the latest Data, Assets & I/O meeting

@dfelinto I saw in the notes that Overrides were missing only NLA’s but last time I tested material overrides were not working.

Does this means that this is fixed?
(it’s probably one of the most important overrides needed in production)

Link:2020-10-20 - Tuesday Talks - Module Meetings


P.S.: probably this can also be answered by @mont29 :slight_smile:

Wording is a bit misleading here, NLA is (afaik) the last missing bit needed for overrides to be fully usable in an animation context. It definitively does not mean that it will be finished or feature-complete then, there are still a lot of other known TODOs, just that those would be of lower priority.

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Just to confirm, material overrides are not working yet then, right?

Only very partially, and in a non-user-friendly ways, so indeed would not say they are working currently.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile: