Quesrtions about Light Linking patch - D11636


Since the Light Linking patch is in a pretty good shape it seems, latest update was from August 10th, I would like to ask a few questions about it.

1.- Is it ready to do some first-testing?

And I don’t mean a deep full testing, but just a first contact to see the current workflow ahead in time when things are harder to modify and change with user feedback

2.- Is it being done over Cycles-X or Cycles?

With this I mean if when Cycles-X lands in master this will need to be re-worked or if it’s prepared for it, or if’t a Cycles-X exclusive feature

3.- Will this include or ease the inclusion of Light Groups?

Since Light Groups is something so basic for ArchViz work, and the current patch will be improved, or best to say, replaced, I wonder if will this help to this in some way or include the Ligth Group feature inside it?


  1. No, it’s far from ready for testing.
  2. cycles-x.
  3. No, that’s unrelated.

Perfect, thanks for the clear answers :slight_smile:

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