Quadro not recognized in blender?


I am new to blender straight from pencil and paper. So I have little knowledge of computer as well. But the actual problem is that I got a new Desktop and an nVidia Quadro 4000. But the problem is that Blender is not recognizing the card at all. I download all kinds of stuff like Cuda Toolkit, Latest nVidia drivers. Visual Studios required components. But Blender is continuously ignoring my graphics card and I cannot work at all with the forever taking CPU. If there is a solution possible, Kindly Guide.

Regards: Abdurrehman

I just went and downloaded Blender 2.97b version and it acknowledged my Quadro 4000. But The latest version is not giving any indication of it yet.
If someone can solve this problem, That would be great?


Submitting this as a bug report will bring the issue to the attention of the developers.

If you make use of the ‘Help’ menu ➔ ‘Report a bug’ option from Blender, the necessary system info and Blender version will be automatically entered for you. Alternatively, you can go to this page and manually enter your info.


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Thank you! Metin Seven for your concern. I will go and report it right away.

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No need to report, quadro 4000 is a fermi based card (sm_2x) which doesn’t meet the minimum specifications (sm3x+) it should still work with the opengl based renderer backends like eevee just not cycles.


Thank you! appreciate it.