Quad Remeshing + Reproject Details

I have just looked at the new Quad Remeshing feature in Blender and then I was wondering if it’s possible to have a “Reproject Details” button instead of using Shrinkwrap for reprojecting details from the old triangulate mesh,

similar to this ProjectAll in Zbrush

Youtube ProjectAll

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Is this feature already available for the audience in the 2.81 daylies? If so, where we find it please?

Thank you

Yes, Quad Remeshing is now available

look at this Meeting Notes 16 September

How to activate it in Blender? I haven’t found a description, just a note.

F3 + you write “Quad” that’s it :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you.

1st feature wish:
Can be a symmetry function added, too? I don’t mean a regular mirror modifier. The result should be remeshed symmetrical. It would be good for remeshing characters.

Link Yes


on data properties panel >remesh

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just a question, why is quadflow remesher interface is a popup?
does not make much sense compared to the convention

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Same thing here, when I see the interface doesn’t have a lot of sense

Maybe is better tell to @billrey


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