PROPSAL: Focus on assets in asset browser

I switched to bender from 3ds max after years working in Maya. I have been in the games industry for over 20 years as a 3d artist, environment artist and technical artist working in AAA games. I really really like blender and I’m glad I made the switch however the one thing that really bugs beyond belief and really makes working in it a pain is the asset browser’s inability to focus on the element selected… A typical scene may have hundreds of objects and you need to quickly move between them fast to do your job - as of now the alternative is cumbersome workaround of filtering your selection etc which is non sensical and not productive for such work…it really baffles me that such a small feature is overlooked on such a great piece of software…it is without a doubt close to a deal-braker in my opinion…

For my opinion the first focus is EEVEE ! EVVE do grow up like unreal engine for me ! For more incredible result in visual render and increase perofmance with mesh shader for exemple :slight_smile:
But asset browser is cool is true

I’d like to further understand your suggestion.
Are you suggesting that if you select a number of elements in the viewport, that the asset browser updates to only show what you have selected, if they are already added to the asset browser?

No…this is already possible…simply highlight and scroll to the asset in the asset browser like any software out there…that’s all!

What is already possible? Have the asset browser only show what is selected in the viewport?

Are you suggesting select an asset in the viewport and have the asset browser scroll to that item in the asset browser window?

That’s what it sound like to me. Maybe have the browser frontload - any selected items on the list. =)