Proposal to improve transformations and snap

A lot of tool in blender have modal hotkeys, transformations(move, scale, rotations) didnt have. Example, if activate bevel tool you can use new hotkeys in bevel mode , c -clamp, v -vertex, and etc. Proposal to add modal hotkeys to transformations which will change the snapping settings. Example, press G to activate move tool and after get this hotkeys:
S - toggle for activation snapping
V -snap to vertexes
E -snap to edges
F -snap to faces
O -snap to volume (V -taken by vertex, vOlume)
C -snap to closest
M -snap to medeian
N -snap to center (C -taken by center, E -taken by edges, ceNter)
I - project individual elements

Hold Alt - align rotation

it will give a big speed boost, its give possibility to change snap options on fly using only transform tools

proposal on right -click select