Proposal: Hide Properties per Workspace

Hi, I’ve got an idea for the workspaces which goes a little beyond the different arrangements of windows. As a workspace demands certain tasks, it would be nice, if the interface would support the workflow by reducing the amount of information displayed. So only to the needed tools would be shown. The properties panel is very complex for a beginner, as it displays tools necessary in various different tasks. To lower the complexity one solution would be to offer the tools according to the chosen workspace.Common tasks in blender would be: Modelling, Shading, Animating, Simulating, Exporting Compositing and Footage Editing and also for some: Scripting.

The below graphic illustrates how the properties panel could adjust to the chosen workspace.

Maybe in future the properties tabs could be shown and hidden by the individual users, so everyone can create a workspace according to his or hers personal needs.

(The graphic had to be done quickly, but I hope it transports the main idea)


Thank you. This is what I asked @Pablo on Monday. Blender should consider the ability to HIDE things from the custom interface. Voted up.

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@DavidRivera Thank you. I’m very happy I could contribute.