Proposal: Audio Waveform Display

hey guys i don’t really have the time to read everything here and i am sorry for that. Sooooo just in case this is more a comment on how are we going to deal with the ability to view audio in Blender.

Are people really happy with just the Sequencer being able to display this.

here is just a thought.

Loven everyone’s input

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here is another idea. Oh and the only reason why i mention this if its no obvious is because i believe that it will effect how work spaces are implemented greatly.

Perhaps we need to think about consolidating the timeline even more so to become more efficient?

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What if the VSE merged with curved editor? I guess it would kinda be more like after effects then but way more powerful.

Perhaps the child windows might be the key to the VSE sequences being able to Twirl open with the VSE exposing a curve editor inside of it.

That’s a a tough one though something to think about though.

Or maybe the timelines just had quick Switches in the right and corner that relate to other time lines similar to the compositor.

sorry guys just think about work flow fluidity


Good Ideas although it is kinda offtopic - you might want to do a Proposal on Rightclickselect

Actually there already is a related Post


All good mate, if someone has time and want to claim those ideas and run with them they can.

I can see why you think it is off topic but when you think about when you ask people to design a workflow and with what is available and you feel the pinch of

“yoooou knoooOOOooow this would be really great if…”

Then a call for work spaces start to feel a little premature and that maybe there should be a bit more work done first.

On the other hand understand that the community is getting antsy, because they want to see 2.8 done and use it.

Though lets remember its about workflow and getting your sh#$%^&t done, with speed and with outstanding quality.

I do love all this dev work though its exciting don’t you think?

Yeah, soooooo thats why I mentioned the Audio. It plays a really big part on how artist will layout their space which mean unfortunately right now that one extra wind we all have to have open.

I would code if I could but right now I am working turning Blender into a storyboarding app.
The heavens know that we need it?

Thanks mate,


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