Proportional mod "selected only"

We have a “connected only” option for only proportionally editing connected vertices, but I would really love to have a “selected only” option as well:


I think this feature is called “soft selection” sometimes, but I’d really like to be able to limit its scope to my “hard” selection as well.


Do not understand how this should work, as the selection gets transformed as well…

You can hide mesh parts which should not get affected as a workaround

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The selection, yes, but then you can define a hard cut-off that won’t get transformed.

Also, if you hide mesh parts as you suggest, you won’t be able to snap to anything, which is my use case.

Above, for example, I would have liked to be able to proportionally snap the column of vertices instead of having to go and tweak each one manually in order to get a nice blend.

your explanation still doesn’t really clear things for me.

To go with your example, you want to snap the top vert and want to soft transform the rest of the loop - correct?

So how should such a setting help in this case? you select the loop, now where should the center of the soft selection be? the active vert? the 3d cursor? you need to be more specific.

Anyways, you can still workaround this with hiding the detached piece, and only keep the loop visibe. Then go proportional editing -> connected only, and voila you can snap it and deform the loop along.