Problems with Render Layers (View Layers) in Blender 2.80

Hi, everyone!! First of all, great job with Blender 2.80, I’m loving it!! Mostly, at least - not 100% happy with the wireframe visualization, but I’m still hoping it will improve.

Today I’ve been digging into how Render Layers from previous versions work with Collections, and wanted to share a few things I found out that even though they may be coming… I still thought it would be good to point out because I couldn’t find much talk about it.

  • They’re now called View Layers. Awesome.
  • Design is confusing: visibility of collections in the viewport is dependent on View Layers… but visibility in render is global. Also… where are the options for masking and excluding?
  • Oh, they’re in the right click menu - quite hidden, but I assume a way to show it in the interface is being worked on.
  • Material Override and Sampling settings per View Layer are not there yet.

I just wanted to point out that View Layers are very useful, and collections are the way to go! But these settings need to be exposed in the interface, because there is no way to tell at a glance which collections are or aren’t rendered (or how) in a given View Layer, making it really uncomfortable. Not being able to set sampling per View Layer is a big hit as well, as before I used to save LOTS of render time thanks to that option.

I’ve seen somewhere that sampling is coming back and will be implemented. That’s awesome.

For the render type of each collection, I’ve been giving it some thought and I came up with a quick way to do it that doesn’t saturate the interface with more buttons. It would all happen in the “shown in render” icon in the outliner (the one with the camera): when clicking it several times it would rotate between the different options. So by clicking repeatedly the icon (and render mode of the collections) would switch from “rendered” to “excluded”, “indirect only”, and “holdout”, then go back to “rendered”.

I would really love to see these options coming back soon!! Thanks! :smiley:


I appreciate the answers about this topic. I have to step back into Vray 3Ds max at the first job at LNG here in Canada we where trying to use Blender 2.8. The reason. Lack of Material Override. Not lookdev, not metacap, we really needed to use Clay render but with the properer Cycles light and just a glass showing as a glass. Very easy two clicks task in VRay, too many steps or impossible in Blender 2.8. Veery excitated with Blender though. Good job guys.

2.79 have all stuff u need acctualy. the 2.8b is more like alpha at current stage at some features are not even started or implemented it is long way till 2.8 will have all functionality old blender had + new

I understand that it’s in development, but it’s not an Alpha, but a Beta already, which means that the main functionality should be there already and only minor things will be added - and it wouldn’t be great if the official release of 2.80 didn’t include these features, as it would be a step back, so I’m just pointing it out :wink:

for me it is alpha so much stuff is missing, not even ui is designed for some stuff… i think it is only beta from marketing reasons.

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I’ve restored the old material and sample override settings now.

The UI for render visibility is a work in progress indeed.


Awesome! Thanks a lot @brecht

I’ve just tried both options, and they seem to be working just fine!! :smiley:

Keep up the great work!